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The Full Story

Our Vision, Mission, and Goals

Vision & Values

The vision for the Family Interaction Program is to educate, inspire, and provide exceptional support for individuals, including clients, trainees, therapy staff and professional staff, towards reaching their potential. 

We value human rights, family empowerment, personal integrity, ethical service provision, and innovative practices that respect and reflect our diversity of clients and staff in background, knowledge, needs, and lived experience.


To empower families through evidence-based parenting and child behavioural interventions, fostering equality and inclusion; compassionate and culturally sensitive care; and safe care, connection and well-being for all people, especially young people in statutory care.


  • To offer affordable, accessible, culturally sensitive, evidence-based, outcome-informed interventions and psychological services to community agencies and families within the child safety community and beyond.

  • To train exceptional therapists with up-to-date evidence-based interventions and provide accessible and comprehensive supervision.

  • To provide a setting conducive to high-quality program evaluation and research.

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